Efflorescence / Subflorescence

by Gweni Llwyd

Salt is rotting the walls, eating the bricks, leaving a dusty residue on the terazzo and marble.

The foundations of Venetian buildings are immersed in sea water, causing a permanent capillary rise. Sea water is being constantly drunk by the buildings. The sulphate from the water attacks and cracks the mortar, the sodium chloride crystallises within stoney surfaces, causing a crunchy coating as soon as the water evaporates. The only way to prevent this is to completely stop the capillary rise, done so using a chemical or mechanical barrier.

I can't help but compare the salt coated walls to a skin condition, a psoriasis or an eczema, a deterioration, a flaking of the surface. The building's with poison running through their capillaries and clinging onto their skin. Or maybe 'Rushes Minotaur' has had too much of an effect...