AJ Stockwell

AJ Stockwell

I am fascinated by the slippage of materials through time and place, my practice interprets our contemporary human relationship with artefacts through borrowing languages and processes from other disciplines (ceramics, dentistry, archaeology, mining, dance…). Often initiating conversations with specific communities, experts and family members to generate texts and scripts that enter the work as reconstructed narratives.

This year I was selected as one of three artists for Standpoint Futures and have been a previous resident at UNIT(e), g39 (2016). Scottish by birth I have lived across Scotland, England and Wales and am currently based in Cardiff.

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Venice presents itself as an artefact, a synthetic object tethered to the mainland. I'm interested in its self-cannibalising nature, during the biennale Venice is at a peak populated by a mass of visitors. Having never visited the biennale my imagining of this is through experiences told to me by friends and through literature. I envision the visitors as a mass that slowly weighs the city down adding to its loss. It is a fiction that I want to probe through my own experience. I plan to spend time in Venice capturing information that could become lost through forming a collection of sounds, images and words that reflect my experience of the city as a solid instance.

As an invigilator I intend to meet with other invigilators and artists fostering new relationships that can be built upon beyond the biennale. There are a series of ‘Open Table’ events with artists that I’m keen to attend as part of this.