Amy Treharne

Amy Treharne

I am based in Swansea and graduated in Illustration from Cambridge School of Art. My practice has evolved through working as an educator and currently explores ecology, death, and systems that exist in nature. To understand and investigate these systems I utilise drawing, printmaking, field research and fact-finding in nature, also using storytelling and myth as tools for understanding.

Teaching, dialogue and the exchanging of ideas are central to my developing practice. I am currently investigating the themes of interconnectivity and collaborative relationships through examining mycelium to explore representations of cultural beneficial exchange.

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Taking the fragility and almost ephemeral nature of Venice as a starting point, I wish to explore the physical foundations of this sinking city and look further into the ecological impacts that factors such as climate change may have on it. I am interested in mycology and the systems, connections and roots that are formed as organisms such as fungi form, while other things rot and decompose. I would also like to directly reference these growth systems while attempting to forge connections with other invigilators at the national and collateral pavilions as we each simultaneously gain familiarity with a floating city. Elevating essential but seemingly insignificant and sometimes hidden actions of the islands through exploration and research of the geographical features.