Beth Elen Roberts

Beth Elen Roberts

I am a Welsh artist from Anglesey and have recently graduated with a first class honours in Fine Art from Chelsea College of Arts, London. At present, I am at a particularly exciting and pivotal stage of my career as I begin to establish and nurture my practice outside of the routine comfort of university. It is a time where continuing to converse and exchange ideas about contemporary art has never felt so crucial.

My degree show collection was shortlisted and exhibited at the The National Eisteddfod of Wales in 2016. It was recognised for its poetic affinity to rural Welsh life; an inherent voice in my practice that is realised through both sculpture and installation. The peculiar instruments created in ‘Tudalennau 102-105’ are approximations of old dairy tools, reconstructed from illustrations found in antique agricultural books belonging to my grandmother.

Since graduating I have worked at the Royal Opera House Scenic Carpentry workshops, volunteered and exhibited at Peckham Arts Festival and have recently returned from a month’s sculpture residency in Jodphur, India. 

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everywhere you notice, how much your opposite, tears and sinks.  

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For the duration of my two-month stay in Venice, I intend to pursue a research project that extends and cultivates the theme of translation, a thread that has rooted itself within my practice since university.

For me, the act of translation begins by observing my source material as a form of language; a text that can be re-read and reconfigured. With an ardent interest in history, archival material and narrative, it is my understanding that the past operates as a language. It is neither static nor fixed but a malleable, contingent substance.

My practice is an endeavour to translate this language; to interpret and transcribe this information into objects and spaces. It is an attempt to disrupt the linear; to untether and unrest time that has been meticulously ordered and catalogued; framed in archives and books for our consumption. It is my interest to give it a new lease of life and autonomy in the present

Although as with language, what is explained in one verse does not always translate so seamlessly into another. How this project will materialise will be intuitive, haphazard. Surrounded by the sumptuous, vibrant Venetian culture, as well as the eclectic biennale, I expect to be inundated with inspiration.