Bob Gelsthorpe

Bob Gelsthorpe

Generosity and reciprocation are the key driving forces in my practice-based research of devotion, in all its forms. Aiming towards developing a set of ‘rhizomatic aesthetics’, my work takes the idiosyncrasies of studio practice and amplifies their meaning, process and politics to reflect pathos directly associated with the legacy of devotion. This encompasses artist-led ethics, performed actions, gallery interventions, objects, images and texts to allow and provoke a greater understanding and appreciation of the faith that is akin to those situations. Working out of Studio B in Riverside, Cardiff; my practice is currently researching the application of propagation, feelings, pop song structures and slogans to artist-led ethics.

Latest Posts

03.09.2017 / Whatever's left.  →

31.08.2017 / This Bitter Earth  →

30.08.2017 / Maybe there is no death as we know it,  →

Just documents changing hands. 

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22.08.2017 / Cicada exuvia and other residual feelings.  →

Wandering around Venice, looking for images and looking for sounds. 

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12.08.2017 / Like a tattoo or decal.  →

Like a tat-too or de-cal 

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11.08.2017 / Denim against the skin  →

small thoughts, exercises in reflexivity and diaristic posts from Venice 

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I intend to use this opportunity to research and develop two strands of my practice. The first, to revisit a moving image and sound project that serves as a sketchbook for the anxious threads, half-thoughts and tests about those intimate doubts, small visual joys and anxieties in the studio, creating something that is incomplete. Treating the previous moving image project as a maquette, I plan to produce a new body of work that maintains this sketchbook idea, using the unique snippets of conversation, anecdotes and bad translations to develop something that becomes universal, by being rooted in the deeply personal. Then through the collection of primary source material, and the research of recommendations, gossip and tips throughout the time spent in Venice, I intend to continue with the second strand, an ongoing expanded writing project, that looks to use various writing methods to critically engage with contemporary artists, and vitally, to explore the emotive responses to deeply intimate works.