Elin Meredydd

Elin Meredydd

I am an artist in the early stages of my career. During my degree at Wimbledon College of Arts and since graduating in 2015 my practice has primarily been focused on text and performance. My most recent works, predominantly performed in Wales and specifically developed whist undertaking the UNIT(e) residency at G39, have been observations on the ‘art world’ while transitioning from being a student to working independently.

Having recently joined The Bomb Factory Art Foundation studios in London my performances have progressed into a comedic commentary on ‘the emerging artist’, ‘recent graduate’ and ‘performance artist’ as a brand, in particularly on the internet and in Wales. I am at a pivotal point post degree where I cannot continue to identify as a ‘recent graduate’, and as I develop and shift to becoming just a ‘plain struggling artist’ my commentary and performance’s themes naturally need to change with my development and my ever-evolving interactions with other artists and curators. 

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Experiencing Venice as an invigilator will give me the material I will need to invent new works through making connections with other artists at varying points in their careers, additionally giving me the opportunity to see an arts organisation and contemporary visual arts exhibition from a different perspective to any I have previously experienced as a member of the public.

I have a deep desire to use this year to move my artistic practice forward and broaden my connections and knowledge of contemporary art and I am passionate about Welsh artist’s practice and proud to be one of them.