Mark Hicken

Mark Hicken

My multidisciplinary practice investigates the impacts technology has on society. Through exploration of video and performance I aim to cause the audience to question and reflect on a range of issues prevalent in our society. Installation allows me to experiment with immersing the viewer within a bubble, which reflects on my ideas regarding the echo chamber caused by modern technology, especially social media.

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02.09.2017 / Day 25 in Venice  →


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01.09.2017 / Week 2/3  →

25.08.2017 / Collaboration with Anna Rogers  →

Anna one of the previous WIV invigilators used social media to invite people to participate in a collaborative work with her. Her project was to create work during the time in Venice in response to a certain topic she was given by her collaborator. For our collaboration, I asked Anna to respond to the topic of ‘me’. Having studied together for three years and become close friend’s I was interested to see how she would interpret that request.  

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21.08.2017 / Week 1  →

Since finishing my degree in May I have gone through all the cliché post uni phases- Yay freedom can't wait to make whatever I want, Oh my god what do I want to make, I have no idea what to do, Will I ever make work again ect. Thankfully as I hoped Venice has already got me thinking of new ideas for work, new ways of making, selecting and presenting. 

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During my time in Venice I want to record footage of reporter ‘William Sham’ interviewing a range of people regarding local and national social issues. I aim to get the interviewer to question their ideal utopian society and I will then compare the utopian ideals people share.

I am really interested in experiencing the different cultural environment of Venice. The opportunity to meet so many new people from such a vast array of backgrounds with the chance to discuss and share ideas and views on art and wider topics is something I find very exciting. Although I can’t wait to explore Venice itself in more depth I also want to explore some of the lesser known landscapes in the surrounding area.

Being able to spend a month in Venice finally gives me the opportunity to learn Italian – something I have always wanted to do.